Ways to Boost Your Self-esteem

July 16, 2018 0 By admin

No one likes to feel down about themselves. Low self-esteem effects a lot of aspects of your life. You feel less attractive, you have lower confidence, and don’t open yourself up to new experiences. Building self-esteem requires introspection and knowledge about yourself. It’s a long process that comes easier to some than others. The good news is that I have listed five things that you can do to start building your self-esteem today!

1. Forget your mistakes

Don’t dwell on the mistakes you have made in the past. Focusing on the negative keeps you from moving forward. Starting with a clean slate will allow you to begin building your self-esteem.

2. Find things to compliment yourself on

Receiving compliments from others is always a confidence booster, but they are short-lived. Self-confidence comes from within and can’t be built off of compliments from the outside.

3. Celebrate all victories

The big ones, the small ones, and the victories in between. Life is hard. There are lots of L’s. When you get a win of any size, you take that and celebrate it! Said no to the donut in the office? That’s a win. Ate healthy all day? WIN. Nailed that job interview? Huge win. Celebrate them.

4. Invest in yourself

It takes effort to become a more awesome person than you were yesterday. Start eating healthy, try exercising, take classes on a subject you find interesting. Finding things you love and have an interest in is helpful in growing self-esteem because you are enjoying yourself and gaining new experiences from it.

5. Visualize success

Building confidence and self-esteem go hand in hand. Visualizing yourself succeeding at things you want the most will build your confidence and in turn your self-esteem. Also, who doesn’t like visualizing themselves with the things they want most in life?!