A Beauty Routine (as told by a girl with no clue)

July 30, 2018 0 By admin

When I finally get out of bed (after laying there for minutes scrolling through Social Media), I start my beauty routine. I have dry skin, particularly on my forehead so I use E.L.F.’s hydrating primer. While that’s soaking in (or drying or whatever), I use EOS lip balm. It’s the strawberry flavor btw.

The eyes

I use E.L.F.’s nude matte pallet (I’m a redhead, I don’t get many colors to choose from).  A light pink shade as a base color is what I use instead of that eyelid primer stuff. Then I’ll use a darker color on my lower lid and blend it in at the crease. I then fill in my eyebrows with E.L.F.’s brow pencil in the color brown. Lastly is mascara, which I honestly use multiple brands of as long as the brush doesn’t annoy me.

The face

By this point, my primer has soaked in a little and I use Covergirl foundation in the color C1 Alabaster because I have pink undertones to my skin (surprised you there too, didn’t I?). It also has SPF 15 in it because, in the words of Jonathan Van Ness, the best thing you can do for your face on the daily is sunscreen. I use a beauty blender and dab the foundation on starting from my chin and going up, one side at a time. To get rid of the dark circles under my eyes I use the pointed end and dab the foundation around the underside of my eye (yes, I know you’re supposed to do the triangle thing).

The lips

While the foundation is drying I move onto my lips. I’m in love with NYX Nude Matte liquid Lipstick and use it just about daily. I also use Kokie in the shade Unspoken when I’m feeling spunky. To finish off my face, I use E.L.F.’s four-color blush pallet. The color I use on that also depends on my mood. If I’m feeling really adventurous I’ll use all four colors at once (GASP!). The highlighter I use is NOMAD in the shade Midnight Sun. I got it from my Ipsy bag a month or two ago and I’ll never go back. I finish it all off with Tarte finishing powder (not sure what it’s really supposed to do). All in all, it takes about twenty minutes.

The night time

At the end of the day, I use Clearasil rapid twelve-hour relief face wash and then finish it all off with E.L.F. makeup remover towelettes and Lubriderm lotion for that pesky dry skin.

I hope you enjoyed the ramblings of a beauty routine from someone who just wings it and you found some part of this helpful. To all you beauty bloggers and gurus reading this, I hope I made you proud, or if not, at least gave you a good laugh at my expense.