Month: August 2018

My Bedroom Makeover

For as long as I can remember, my bedroom never had a theme. Nothing ever matched, I found things I liked and places to put them. When I moved out for college, I had the intention of having everything in my dorm matching and cute patterns. Well, nothing ever matched and the only cute thing…

By admin August 27, 2018 4

Eatin’ on Main

I’ve been in this town for six years come the last week of this month. That’s a huge amount of time, yet I have only started to become aware of all the amazing things this town has to offer. I just discovered the park this past summer. There is apparently a community pool, but I…

By admin August 13, 2018 2

THAT Kardashian Controversy

Last week, the Kardashians did something they probably (ok really) shouldn’t have. In Kim’s Instagram story she was seen getting what she accepted as compliments when her sisters were stating that she looked like she wasn’t eating and was super skinny. Besides the fact that there are obviously things wrong with this, it explains so…

By admin August 6, 2018 0

The Sunshine Blogger Award

Get ready for a two post week guys! I woke up this morning from a notification from Twitter that I was excited and honored to receive. I was nominated as a sunshine blogger by the wonderful blog My Big Fat Greek Lifestyle. I had seen many bloggers get nominated but had no idea what it…

By admin August 4, 2018 0