THAT Kardashian Controversy

August 6, 2018 0 By admin

Last week, the Kardashians did something they probably (ok really) shouldn’t have. In Kim’s Instagram story she was seen getting what she accepted as compliments when her sisters were stating that she looked like she wasn’t eating and was super skinny. Besides the fact that there are obviously things wrong with this, it explains so much and honestly doesn’t shock me. Now hear me out.

Society and money

Unfortunately, in today’s society, especially in Hollywood, no matter how much we force body positivity, there are going to be people who won’t accept the way they look and be ok with it. You have the right to not like the way you look and want to change it. I myself don’t like the way I look and am working to change it. Because of that, many companies are not going to feature what they call plus-size models in or using their products. More women (and men) want to be thinner or more muscular and will work towards the models pictured in the adds. From the Kardashian standpoint, gaining weight or not being perceived as skinny equals a loss in collaborations with brands and less money. The same goes for actresses. Many of the actresses society labels as plus sized who have made it big, are vocal about how hard it was for them to succeed.

Mental health

From a mental health standpoint, this shows how badly we need awareness. How many women and men who have eating disorders or who are on the border of developing one, saw that story and re-enforced their thought process? As a mental health advocate and student, that was the first thought that went through my head when I heard this happened. This, however, I’m assuming was not the case for them. They know eating disorders exist, but they don’t know how their words can affect someone. They have no knowledge of how detrimental these disorders are to a person and their loved ones. Had they had this knowledge, I would like to think they would not have said that to each other.  Or at least thought about it after and not posted it.

Are we overreacting?

Now some of you might be saying “oh you’re just overreacting” and “that’s just how they are, they were joking” because my friend did. In the video, they are laughing and it can be said that they were being sarcastic and not serious. But therein lies the problem. The people suffering aren’t overreacting. They know how they felt after watching it and don’t want others to feel the same way. The counselors, therapists, and psychologists aren’t.  They were working with a client and may now have to work harder to get the person through recovery. The family members of people who suffer aren’t. They watched their loved one suffer and maybe even watched them die. If you want to joke about something like that (you shouldn’t) between the people in your family, that’s fine. When you are in the public eye and you post something like that for all 115 million of your followers to see, you need to be more thoughtful of your actions.

If you are suffering from an eating disorder and would like to get help please contact National Eating Disorders Association Helpline: 1-800-931-2237