Eatin’ on Main

August 13, 2018 2 By admin

I’ve been in this town for six years come the last week of this month. That’s a huge amount of time, yet I have only started to become aware of all the amazing things this town has to offer. I just discovered the park this past summer. There is apparently a community pool, but I have yet to find it. Every year in July my town hosts the Annual Folk Festival which is a giant flea market where people in their stands pay tribute to the town’s German roots. I enjoyed it so much with the work-family that I decided to go to the next event my town held.

Last Saturday my roommate and our friend went to our town’s “Dinner on Main” event. The local restaurants create a special street food menu and everyone that attends receives a menu to put in the restaurants’ box to vote for the best one.

Drink and appetizer

It started out going pretty well. Our friend suggested we go get wine at the liquor store and drink while we enjoyed our food. Great idea! I grabbed a Barefoot and off we went. We grabbed a table and a menu and started shopping around. For dinner, half a wine bottle in, I got this amazing pulled pork slider with aged cheddar sauce, arugula, and pickled shallots from Saucony Creek Brewing Company (who by the way, has the only beer that I will drink, the Kutztown Brew, so there’s that). It was a little runny because of the sauce but it tasted so good!

The entree and dessert

My friend and I, now a whole bottle of wine in, went to one of the town’s favored pizza joint’s stand, Camillo’s, for meatballs, garlic bread, and cannolis. I didn’t enjoy the meatballs as much as I did the sandwich. The garlic bread didn’t really have a lot of garlic flavoring to it but was crunchy and soft so you could bite into the bread and the meatball at the same time. The meatballs tasted like the ones you buy pre-made at the grocery store, which was a little saddening considering the pizza joint is well favored among citizens of the town. I had never had cannolis before so I was excited to try them. I thought they were good. The crunchiness of the bread was good, it didn’t break into a million pieces at the first bite so I already call that a win. The filling was pleasantly balanced between that too sweet and bland vanilla taste.

The afterparty

Once my friend and I finished our selections, my roommate wanted nachos at our favorite place in town, The Pub. All of the master’s students go there after class to unwind and my program even hosts events there. They have the best regular food menu hands down. Their quesadillas are all amazing no matter what meat or sauce you choose to put on them. The same can be said with their nachos. They use three different colors of chips, insert heart eye emoji. At this point, we are going to agree that I became a responsible drinker, ok? Ok. 

My roommate, Lauren (the blonde) and our friend Rachel, who can out drink Linda Belcher in the wine department

I suggest you all partake in events that your town holds. Don’t be a Katelyn and not know where your community pool is after six years of living there.