Allow Your Child Mental Health Days

August 20, 2018 2 By admin

It’s that time of year again where parents have to buy school supplies for their kids because the education system in America sucks. When I was little, every few months my mom would allow me and my brother to take mental health days from school. They fell on her days off from work and we would go out for lunch and an activity. She used it as a time to spend with each of us individually and we used it to take a break from school. I don’t think she realized how much it helped us.

Bullies full force

Students go through many things while in school that they can’t get a reprieve from as often as needed. Students often get bullied and as sad as it is schools don’t or can’t truly do anything about it. For students who are unable to escape the bullying, their health takes a plummet. We are all aware that many students have taken their lives after being bullied at school.

Expectation city

The expectations on tests and grades have gotten exponentially more serious over the years. I was forced to take and pass my states education exam in order to graduate. For public schools, the grades on these state tests mean everything. They indicate how much money the state is going to give them and how high up they’re rated. Not only do students have to worry about getting good grades for college or graduation, they also have to learn things to pass a test that only benefits the school.

Hello, friends?

Making friends is something we all struggle with. As adults, if we can’t make friends, we are somewhat better at dealing with it. Having social connections is huge for adolescents. Moving to a new school for any reason, can be tough. Adolescents tend to find where they fit in and don’t explore different options. They make cliques and it’s very hard to make your way into one if you weren’t there at its creation.

Hey man, I’m just a kid

Being a teenager and adolescent in school is hard. Take it from someone who still remembers what it was like and is aware of the adult world. Going to school and being in that environment it is much harder than going to work and paying bills. Especially because some students have to do all of that and go to school at the same time. As an adult, if you don’t like where you work, its relatively easy for you to fix the situation. You can look for a new job and change locations. In order for a student to change schools, there is a fee unless the family moves into the district. In short, if your child is having a hard time this year, let them take a few days off. Catching up will be much easier than treading water.