My Bedroom Makeover

August 27, 2018 4 By admin

For as long as I can remember, my bedroom never had a theme. Nothing ever matched, I found things I liked and places to put them. When I moved out for college, I had the intention of having everything in my dorm matching and cute patterns. Well, nothing ever matched and the only cute thing was my comforter. When I graduated and moved into my first apartment I went for organized and minimalistic. This summer I finally got sick of my room being a modge podge of things and set out on my goal of organized and color schemed.

Colors everywhere

When deciding my colors, I wanted to have two that looked good together, but I had no clue where to start. So to Pinterest I went! After searching for days I finally decided that gray was definitely a color I wanted. After some more searching, I was smitten with rose gold. I have been a huge fan of the color for a while but didn’t think about it on furniture. On my hunt for rose gold décor, I quickly realized that pretty colors don’t come cheap. If I wanted that color I was going to have to start working a street corner or use a little ingenuity.

I bought majority of the things in this picture at the Dollar Store down the street from my house! 

DIY newbie

One of my coworkers is a huge DIY fan and makes all of her gifts for people. Once I talked to her, I headed to Walmart for spray paint, how hard could this really be? I bought one can of primer and two cans of metallic copper and hoped it would come out close to what I wanted. If you didn’t already know it takes a long time to fully complete a spray paint project. We ended up running out of primer after three objects and had to wait two hours before we could put the copper on. Once the objects that were primed were painted, we experimented with the others. We found the color was just as vibrant! My room is still not organized, but the color scheme is really coming together and I am loving my “adult” bedroom.