Month: September 2018

Self-Care Checklist Round-up

Self-care is something we all need to focus on. Getting a little bit of a break during the day and taking care of ourselves keeps us from losing our minds. As much as I try to fit self-care into my everyday routine, sometimes I don’t do enough of it. I forget the simple things to…

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Social Media and Mental Health

There are many blogs that have tackled the issue of social media. The positives, negatives, and in between. They’ve talked about how they have been affected and how people can cut down on their usage. Bloggers have also talked about how useful it is and how we can benefit. I live life through social media.…

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The Playlist Post

I write this sitting in my bed sick with a cold in sweats, fluffy socks, and a zip-up jacket watching friends. The first week of the new school year has finally ended and I have time to breathe for a little. It’s been a stressful, crazy week, and I need a pick me up. I…

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