Self-Care Checklist Round-up

September 24, 2018 0 By admin

Self-care is something we all need to focus on. Getting a little bit of a break during the day and taking care of ourselves keeps us from losing our minds. As much as I try to fit self-care into my everyday routine, sometimes I don’t do enough of it. I forget the simple things to take care of myself. These checklists are a good way to see how much self-care you are doing on a regular basis and where you can improve. I love bullet journaling but I, however, don’t have the patience to actually make them. So if you are like me, you’ll enjoy that these checklists can be printed out and taped on!

Searching for Better

This personal development and wellness blog created by Giulia has a weekly self-care sheet that has a specific action for each day of the week instead of a list that you can check off for a more vague option such as “drank water.” This sheet is super helpful for those of us who need specific direction.


Linda over at TortaGialla has some amazing printables and creates the cutest things for her Etsy shop! Her self-care checklist is the quintessential bullet journal layout. It has an action and space to write yes/no or the number depending on the action, each day of the week. She also leaves spaces for you to write your own actions down. 

Demons Inside My Head

Caitlin shares her story of dealing with anxiety and depression on her blog. She has created a checklist that is somewhat specific to individuals who suffer from these illnesses. Some of the tasks include meditation, spending time outside of your bedroom, and connecting with friends. This is a checklist I use personally because it helps me manage my self-care in relation to my anxiety and depression.

The Dysfunctional Mind

Skylar runs a mental health blog and shares her story dealing with multiple mental illnesses. She has many resources for helping others. her checklist is broken down into categories with suggestions under each. this list is great for those of us who have the creativity and patience to create layouts in our journals or planners.

*Stay tuned for my own checklist in October when my Mental Health Awareness series comes out for Mental Health Awareness week!*