Mental Health Awareness Week: Types of Counseling

October 10, 2018 0 By admin

There are many types, areas, and forms of counseling. Because of the stigma surrounding mental health, many individuals don’t know how many types there truly are. The following are some of the most common.

School Counseling

School counselors, or guidence counselors, help students with a multitude of things. They work with them on career goals, getting into colleges or technical schools, relationship, and family issues. They also act in the classroom as a mediator between teachers, the student, and the parents of the children.

Career Counseling

Career counselors help individuals with anything related to getting jobs and careers. An individual who goes to career counseling can expect to talk about previous jobs and their strengths and weaknesses. The counselor might even encourage career aptitude tests. Career counselors also help clients with interview skills and other job application aspects.

Trauma Counseling

This is a specialty area for individuals who have gone through some type of trauma. “exposure therapy” is an intense process and often used with rape victims.

Sports Performance

Sports performance counselors work specifically with athletes. They help them reach their full potential and overcome barriers that might be keeping them from performing in their sport.

Group Therapy

Group therapy is exactly what it sounds like and can be used in all areas of counseling. In group, individuals with similar issues meet and discuss how the issue(s) affect them. Ways the members of the group can handle the issues are talked about with support and input from the others.

Family/marriage therapy

Couples and families of all sizes go to therapy to get help on dealing with issues they can’t seem to resolve on their own. They can also help them see different perspectives and understand other family member’s sides of things. For couples, a therapist can help them find ways to resolve issues in healthy ways, and if newly engaged, or living together, they can help them pre-work through some issues that might arise. They also give them skills to work through any new issues the couple might come across.

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