Mental Health Awareness Week: Mental Health Apps

October 11, 2018 0 By admin
we use apps everyday. why not use them to help us with our mental health too? App up!

There are apps for almost everything out there. It would only make sense that there would be some for mental health. The apps that I have listed below are for the most part pretty different. Some of them include in-app purchases but are free to download and use some of the built-in services.  

Meditation apps

Calm– This one is focused on three important areas of meditation, breathing, sleep, and relaxation. The app is full of guided sessions as well as calming nature sounds. It is made for both Android and iPhone, with free and paid aspects.

Headspace– Another meditation app, this one focuses on helping you have mindfulness and meditation on themed topics such as healthy relationships, finding calming places, and reducing stress. It gives you tools to deal with such issues. It is available on Android and iPhone for free with some paid aspects.

Action apps

#selfcare– I use this one when I am stressed or having a bad bout of anxiety or depression. It is perfect for you to use when you need a mindless activity to distract you from your thoughts. It has several activities or games you can do that are mindless and calming such as sorting clothing, petting a cat (with purring sounds), making words, and an animated lotus flower to help you focus your breathing. The app is free for iPhone but has not been created for Android yet.

What’s Up– This app uses actual counseling theories such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Acceptance Commitment Therapy to help you cope with depression, anxiety, stress, and more. The most notable part is the habit tracker which will let you keep track of good habits and lessen the bad ones. It is free for Android and iPhone.

Happify– This app helps you figure out what’s important to you by having you take a quiz, and then suggests a path for you to focus on such as overcoming negative thoughts or achieving mindfulness. The app gives you exercises to complete as you go down the path. The app is available for Android and iPhone.

Daylio– This app is essentially an online habit and self-care tracker. It allows you to track things such as activities and moods all through clicking pre-determined pictures. You don’t have to type anything, and it will give you statistics over weeks, months, or years. It is available for free for Android and iPhone.

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