Month: November 2018

What I’m Thankful For

Yes, Thanksgiving was last week but my brother’s birthday is tomorrow and it made me think. There are a lot of things I have in life that I am thankful for. My family He has given me my path and a super cute niece and nephew who are the highlight of my life. I am theirs too if their faces…

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World Philosophers Day

Today is World Philosophers Day! The start of science, psychology, and sociology as we know it all started with these individuals. So, In order to honor them and their special day, I decided to give you all some knowledge on the start of psychology and what these guys contributed. Hippocrates Started the idea that the…

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Today is Veterans Day. A day to honor and remember veterans and victims of wars. Every day twenty veteran and active duty military individuals commit suicide caused most commonly by PTSD. Mobilization, or fight or flight, induces your nervous system to respond to the situation by pounding heartbeat, high blood pressure, and muscle tightness, making…

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National Love Your Red Hair Day

At this point in our journey together I’m sure you know I am a natural redhead. I did, however recently color it a deep dark purplish-red. I have had a long love-hate relationship with my hair. As a really young child, I hated having it brushed, so much so that my parents threatened to chop…

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