Month: December 2018

New Year’s Goals

I’m not a big goal maker. Honestly, I’ve never made a goal before in my life. At least not consciously. Which I guess is a little hypocritical because I make my students and clients do it every day. Goals give you something to work towards. Motivation to get things done. I’m a pessimist. I believe that if I don’t make a…

By admin December 31, 2018 0

Snowed in Workout

So you’re snowed in and can’t get to the gym or you’re bored and want to see if you really can do this “healthy” thing everyone keeps bugging you about. This at home workout I have in this post will satisfy the gym rats and be an easy intro or tester for those of you who want to…

By admin December 17, 2018 0

Pick Me Up Playlist: Xmas Edition

Double post week coming in hot! I got the notification that Brian and Chelsea from Two of a Mind tagged me in the Pick Me Up Playlist tag and while I’m at work bored, I figured why not now! I’m taking a page out of their book and making mine holiday themed as well. I loved their choices and can’t wait…

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