Gifts for the Mental Health Counselor

December 10, 2018 0 By admin

Happy Monday all! Today’s post came about during my search for a present for my friend who is graduating with her counseling degree this year. Many people I know are counselors, future counselors, or seeing counselors. I personally love all of these items on this list and think some of them are funny and would enjoy getting. I also believe the counselors who end up reading this blog will enjoy and find some humor in these too. 

(This is definitely a “for my own satisfaction” post and I’m not sorry)

Comparative Therapies mug

This mug is one of the funniest things I have on this list. It describes some of the most popular theories in terms of one’s “shit”. Because of that it may not be work appropriate but it sure is funny. The statements are also accurate which makes it even better. 

Counselor’s Coloring Book

Unfortunately there are no pictures of the inside of this book that I can find, however I love coloring books and sometimes clean curse words are funnier than actual curse words. This can also be used after you have a really tough session and I’m down for that! 

Best Counselor Ever mug

Honestly you can’t tell me this isn’t also the best mug ever. I love mugs, its prolly an issue.

Keep Calm and let the School Counselor handle it mug

Here is a mug specifically for all the school counselors out there who have to help the kids while appeasing the parents. More power to you, I couldn’t do it, so here’s a mug just for you! 

Self-Therapy note pad

Sometimes you have to do some emergency therapy on yourself and you need a note pad for it. This is something that is funny that might actually come in handy sometimes.

Session In Progress sign

This is such a perfect gift for counselors and anyone else who has meetings with individuals. I think it’s a perfect gift to give and just to have around the office (or your room when you want alone time this holiday season)

Emotions Wheel poster

This poster is a wonderful thing to have around to use in session or for writers who need help coming up with some different words to express emotions of their characters. 

Where is the Counselor sign

Here’s to school counselors again! I think this is such a good thing to have not just for students to know but coworkers as well. This is something I’m probably going to give to my friend this May for her to use.

What You Say in Here sign

This sign is so perfect for counselors who work with children and even adults. Having a constant reminder to the exceptions to the rule is always a safe and good idea.

Hologram Helmet

This last one is just for me and I’m not ashamed about it. I hope to work for a football team in the future, so having this on my desk would be cool and funny. As well as something for me to play with when I get bored haha