Pick Me Up Playlist: Xmas Edition

December 11, 2018 0 By admin

Double post week coming in hot! I got the notification that Brian and Chelsea from Two of a Mind tagged me in the Pick Me Up Playlist tag and while I’m at work bored, I figured why not now! I’m taking a page out of their book and making mine holiday themed as well. I loved their choices and can’t wait to tell you about mine! Here are the rules:

  • Link back to the playlist creator- Laura Spoonie 
  • Tag the blogger who nominated you 
  • Mention how music helps your mental health 
  • List 10 songs you would put in your ‘pick me up playlist’ 
  • Tag 10 others to join the challenge

Ok, so you all know I’m all about the mental health. I find music to be such a cathartic thing. It brings up memories that you forgot you had and makes you feel things in such powerful ways. There are even therapies who’s basis is the fact that music can encourage growth and recovery. Spotify is my go-to app for music because no matter what I’m feeling there’s a playlist for that. And if there isn’t it’s so easy to make my own. There are many days where the music that comes out of my phone will dictate my mood for the entire day.

I did concert band from elementary school all the way up to when I graduated and participated in the marching band in all four years of high school so I’d like to think it has had a huge impact on the person I am today. My musical journey started in church so I would also like to think that my connection with music is on a spiritual level of some sort. As stated above, my 10 songs will be of the festive nature, and you can find them all on my self-made playlist on Spotify, “Jolliest asshole this side of the nuthouse” for your listening pleasure that has a mixture of all genres of holiday tunes and includes 61 songs! (ok enough with the self-promotion)

Run Rudolph Run-Chuck Berry 

Honestly you can’t go wrong with Chuck Berry, I mean the man is an early rock legend. The songs that seem to put me in a good mood are the upbeat rocky ones that have a good pace to them. The lyrics are funny and the melody is honestly perfect, it’s just a well-made song.  

2. Carol of the Bells-Home Alone Version 

Acapella speaks to my soul and this song is one of the greatest examples of that out there. The Trans Siberian Orchestra version is also just as amazing. It’s short but sweet and simple (for the listener, not the singer lol) 

3. Dominick the Donkey 

……..I have no idea where I first heard this song or how I know I know it but I do and I put it on my playlist because it makes me lol. I mean who doesn’t want to hear the story of the Italian Christmas Donkey!?  

4. Hot Chocolate-The Polar Express 

This is just a happy go lucky song about an awesome winter drink. Also Tom Hanks sings it so how can you not? I love this song so much, that for years when it was on tv my father would stop scrolling, let the movie play until the song was over, and then continue scrolling.  

5. I want a Hippopotamus For Christmas-Kacey Musgraves 

Kacey is one of my girl crushes and I won’t apologize for it. Her voice is perfect for this song. I have such good memories with this song because my grandparents owned a CD with all of these funny songs about Christmas that included this one and “Grandma Got Runover by a Reindeer” and we would listen to it every time we were in the car with them. When I was listening to her Christmas album, I got super excited about it and added it to my playlist right away. It’s about a girl who wants a Hippo for Christmas and all of the reasons why she should/could get one and it’s just so funny. 

6. You’re A Mean One, Mr. Grinch-Darius Rucker Version 

This man’s voice gets me every time and I enjoy it a little more than I should, I think. It’s just perfect for this song. Also, it takes out the narration from the original recording from the movie short which gets a little annoying when you’re rocking out to it and then have to listen to the man tell you what you already know is happening. 

7. The Chipmunk Song-Original 

This song is a Christmas classic and it’s adorable, fight me about it.  

8. Candy Cane Lane-Sia 

I recently just discovered this song. I don’t know all of the lyrics yet, but you can bet I’m belting the chorus.  

9. Do You Hear What I Hear-Carrie Underwood version 

This is one of those songs that I’m connected to on a spiritual level. I am absolutely in love with this song. Carrie Underwood is a gospel woman and she does this song justice. It’s by far my favorite version and gets me in the feels every time.  

10. It’s Christmas Time Again-Backstreet Boys 

I’m a millennial what do you want, it’s the Backstreet Boys.

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