Snowed in Workout

December 17, 2018 0 By admin

So you’re snowed in and can’t get to the gym or you’re bored and want to see if you really can do this “healthy” thing everyone keeps bugging you about. This at home workout I have in this post will satisfy the gym rats and be an easy intro or tester for those of you who want to try to get into exercising.

Now, beginners, I’m going to warn you. This may be a little too much for you. You may want to give up at the cardio part. Your shoulders will probably be burning and it might be hard to breathe.

Some tips to start…

  • If you are going to use weights, start out on the lighter side. I’m talking 3-5lbs. Each move will be done for 10 reps (number of times you do it) 3Xs each (number of times you do it in a cycle). Your muscles will get tired too fast if you use too much weight and it will NOT feel good.
  • Some of these moves involve jumping or speed that you may not be able to do for various reasons. Start with the non-modified version if you aren’t sure if you can do it or not. All of these moves have a modified version that you can make use of.
  • Push yourself, but don’t push too far. Especially in the beginning. Your muscles will not like you.
  • Expect to be sore for about a day or two depending on how hard you pushed yourself. If after stretching and icing, it still doesn’t seem to be getting better after another day or two, I would recommend you see a doctor if you feel like you need to.
  • Eating a proper meal afterward will also help your muscles repair themselves and be less sore as well. A meal made up of a large amount of veggies and fruits, Medium amount of protein, and a small amount of carbs is a good combination.
  • Breathing is so important. PLEASE don’t hold your breath during any parts of the workout. It may seem like it’s helping but it really isn’t. And it’s not just about breathing, it’s about controlling the breath. If you are huffing and puffing during the cardio portion, you are not filling your lungs to capacity and therefore not helping yourself survive the workout. Full in and out breathes are key. 

First Circuit

Weights, leg focused. Do each movement for ten reps (times) before taking a small 30 second break and starting the circuit (round) over again. Do the round three times before moving onto the next one. 

  • Squats- weights optional
    • (see picture above) The main thing you want to remember about this move is to keep your weight in your heels and engage your core to keep your back flat. put your feet a little bit past hip width. The modified version of this is to not use the weights.
  • Side lunges-weights optional 
    • With this exercise, the main things to concentrate on is to keep a flat back (happens by keeping your chest up), placing your foot straight, and not letting your hip “pop out” to the side. The modified version is to not use the weights.
  • Glute bridge-weights optional
    • (see next photo) the closer you put your feet to your butt, the harder the move. Concentrate on keeping a flat back (can be achieved by making sure you push the whole way up). The modified version is without the weights.

Second Circuit

Cardio, Arms focused. Each move will be done in a concession of 60, 45, and 30 seconds going down. So push-ups will be done for 60, soccer run for 45, and Mountain Climbers for 30. The soccer run is meant to burn out your legs, while the other two will focus on your shoulders and abs. 

  • Push-ups 
    • Keeping a flat back, hips up, and shoulders in line with hands are the main things to keep in mind. The modified version is to go on your knees.
  • Soccer run 
    • this move requires you to alternate lifting legs and bending them to be able to point your foot towards your other leg (similar to movement when dribbling a soccer ball to keep it off of the ground). This move is all about speed, so modifying just requires you to go at your own pace.
  • Mountain climbers
    • Being in push-up position, alternate moving legs up towards your chest. remember to keep your shoulders over your hands.

Last Circuit

Abs. Each move will be done for 30 seconds each. There are no modifications for windshield wipers. It’s important that you do not allow your legs to go all the way down when doing them. Your shoulders and upper back must remain touching the floor throughout the whole exercise. Once you begin to feel your upper back lift up off of the floor, that is how close to the ground you can go without de-activating your abdominal muscles. 

  • Rope pull ab exercise 
    • Lay on your back with your legs straight up in the air. Tuck your neck and lift your shoulders up off of the floor. The move is alternating your hands reaching for the opposite side of the body of the arm that you are using.
  • Windshield wipers
    • Lay on your back, lift up your legs, and fold at a 90-degree angle. Alternate twisting your legs to either side, remembering about the shoulders and lower back.