New Year’s Goals

December 31, 2018 0 By admin

I’m not a big goal maker. Honestly, I’ve never made a goal before in my life. At least not consciously. Which I guess is a little hypocritical because I make my students and clients do it every day. Goals give you something to work towards. Motivation to get things done. I’m a pessimist. I believe that if I don’t make a goal, I can’t ever be disappointed at myself for not reaching it.  But here’s the thing. I’ve been getting into self-development recently, and a lot of that is just believing that you are an awesome person who can do great things. If you fail, at least you tried and you’ll learn something from it. 

In the spirit of the new year, I decided that I would make a few goals. I honestly can’t say how seriously I’ll take them or how hard I’ll work towards some of them. It’s a good step in taking my own advice, and honestly, I think we should all probably be doing more of that. 

Crush Practicum

My first official introduction to the world of counseling, one day a week. I work with students on a daily basis, helping them with their academic goals, troubles, and decisions as well as personal stuff. Which is great practice don’t get me wrong. I’m great with half-adult problems. It’s the real-world adult problems I’m not so confident about. The individuals I will be working with will be recovering addicts. As much as I’m ready to take on that challenge, I am also scared shitless.  I’m a 23-year-old master’s student, how could I help them with an issue I haven’t encountered yet?

I’m gonna do some research, I’m gonna read up on the popular theories, and I’m gonna ask a lot of questions to my supervisors. And I’m gonna crush it. Because as much as I don’t think my previous experience will help me, the major theory used with addictions is the theory I’ve been using with my students without even realizing it. So maybe I’ll be better at this then I think.

Make some $ on my blog

Whether that’s through a promotion, adds, or the wellness aspect I will be adding this year, it would be really awesome if I could be even a little bit successful as some of my fellow bloggers out there and use my blog as a side hustle. Getting started is easier or harder for some of us for many reasons, but I’m hoping this year it comes together and I can get something out of it besides sharing my knowledge with all of you (not that I’m complaining, blogging is like my own little diary and I love it).

Get my wellness part integrated and set up

 You probably don’t know this, but I am a certified personal trainer. I started my own wellness journey almost a year ago and have had my personal trainer certification for about two. I’m coming into my own as a counselor and an individual. I think it’s so important to have people recognize the benefits to your mental health wellness has (fitness AND nutrition wise). Therefore, I am going to start giving more wellness tips and creating workout and meal plans that individuals can buy access to for a small fee (I understand the struggle and wellness shouldn’t cost you money but also I’m broke too guys).

More Self-Development

I say I’m going to listen to more of it and that I’m going to dedicate time in my day to listen to the podcasts, and the videos, and the audio books but do I? No, it all comes from my roommate and Pinterest motivational pictures (shout out to the MVPs). I have started working towards this goal by following Spotify’s self-development station and watching this guy Gary Vaynerchuck who my brother introduced me to. He’s not so much self-development as he is motivational and inspirational but it’s a start. 

I would really like for me to accomplish at least two of these but as I said in the intro to this post, I’m not a big goal maker and the goals I have made have been subconscious and were short-term goals that I had more control of their outcome. What are some of your goals for 2019?!