Winter Fashion Must Haves

January 7, 2019 0 By admin

This post may be a little off of the beaten path for my blog “niche” but fashion blogs are popular and I find that my outfits are the cutest in winter so I’m going for it. Also cuz I’m a girl and I like fashion.  I recently described my fashion sense as “rustic comfort” and I think after reading this post you might agree. 

Flannels and Plaids

When I think of flannels and plaids I think of the mountains which makes me think of snow. Flannels are also warm and in the winter, that’s really all you want isn’t it? I also think it’s a classic pattern that you can match up with a lot colors and articles of clothing that you might already have in your closet. 

Sweaters & vests

I love being comfy. I’m also extremely lazy and love super easy outfits to make that allow me to get extra sleep in the morning. Throwing on a sweater, especially a big one, overtop of jeans or leggings makes the perfect cute outfit. The vest is also a good staple piece that can be put with a lot of basic articles that livens up an outfit. 


Leggings are no longer just for yoga or under skirts and dresses. We wear them as pants now and I won’t apologize. Done right, they can make any outfit look good. They are also perfect for those lazy individuals like myself.


Boots can be worn in any season, if done correctly, but they are perfect for winter. Not only do they protect your feet from snow and keep them warm, they also, again, make for a cute outfit. I personally love knee highs, and ankle boots. 


I love wearing beanies as part of my outfit. Slouchy, one with a puff top, and a regular. I like being comfortable if you haven’t noticed yet and beanies are top notch for that. They are also, again, a staple for any outfit. With all of the shapes, colors, and designs, beanies can be worn with pretty much anything.