Month: February 2019

What I Want in a Relationship

For this week’s post for the Month of Love Series I thought I’d share what I want/look for in a relationship. Sometimes I have moments where I want a connection with an individual. Especially in times where something awesome happens and I want to share it. I am also however selfish with my time and…

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Exercise & Self-Esteem

Month of Love Series For this week’s post for the Month of Love series, I am sharing an updated version of a guest post I did for Divine Independence’s Empowerment Rebellion series which you can find here! This post is an in-depth look at what exercise does to your brain and how it’s connected to your self-esteem. I will also…

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Advice About Love

Now, I have only been in one serious relationship and I’ve been single for a few years now (my own conscious decision) but that doesn’t mean I don’t know things. I’ve seen my friends go through relationships and heard all about them. These are some things that I’ve gathered from them as well as the…

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Start Loving Yourself

For the month of February I am introducing a series called the Month of Love series. All about love and the ways to love yourself. Loving ourselves can be hard. It takes patience, knowledge of ourselves which is a task in its self, and work. Lots and lots of hard work. It’s also not linear. Loving yourself…

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