Advice About Love

February 11, 2019 0 By admin

Now, I have only been in one serious relationship and I’ve been single for a few years now (my own conscious decision) but that doesn’t mean I don’t know things. I’ve seen my friends go through relationships and heard all about them. These are some things that I’ve gathered from them as well as the internet because the internet has the answer to everything.

Just because you love the friendship side of them, doesn’t mean you will like the relationship side of them

Some people make the best of friends but the worst relationship partners. Once you are involved all parts of someone’s life, you see sides of them that you haven’t seen yet. Realize that people are different when you are around them 24/7. Many people believe they are with the right person but when the move in together they just don’t work. 

Sometimes, being apart is better than being together

Take it from a child from a home where their parents were on and off again for years. You shouldn’t fight in front of your children and you shouldn’t put yourself in a position where you aren’t happy. Sometimes loving someone isn’t enough. Relationships take work and if one partner is willing to put the work in your relationship won’t be a happy one regardless of how much you love them. 

Being right might mean being alone

You don’t want to spend time with someone who always has to be right do you? You can’t always be right. Compromise will help your partner understand that you hear and care about what they are saying. And they will do the same for you. 

You must love yourself before you can love another

It keeps you safe. If you don’t love and respect yourself why would anyone else? You can’t find the parts you don’t like about yourself in others. No one is you and you have to come to terms with the parts you aren’t fond of before you can’t share them with someone else.

Be grateful

For them, for life, for the experiences, for them allowing you into their lives. The minute you become ungrateful or take them for granted, that’s when things change.

You have to spend time away from each other just as much as you do together

People can become suffocating. Relationships can become co-dependent and then what do you do if it ends? Spend time by yourself. Spend time with your friends, your family, without them. 

Don’t sacrifice your goals for anyone

There is a difference between compromise and sacrifice. If you have been reaching for something for years and you have the chance to take it, don’t let them talk you out of it. “but I’ll miss you if you move for this job, stay here” is not love, it’s selfishness. Long distance relationships work if both parties agree to put in the work. 

A day single, is a day you are not with the wrong person

Don’t be in a relationship because you don’t like to be alone. Failed relationships will mess with your self-esteem. Find a way to be comfortable with being alone with yourself.