Read Across America

March 18, 2019 0 By admin

Read Across America is an annual awareness program to celebrate reading on the birthday of Dr. Seuss. Reading is so important for children in developing mental and social skills. Along with improving memory, vocabulary, concentration, and imagination, reading is also good for your mental health. I have just recently started reading for pleasure again and I can honestly say that I’ve missed it. Giving myself even just an hour to read a chapter or two can be hard some nights, but I feel so much better when I can. 

It helps with empathy

When you get into a story, you become obsessed. You become connected to the characters and want to know what happens to them after the story ends. You cry with them, rejoice with them, and get scared with them. Books allow us to experience life from someone else. We see a different worldview. Reading allows you to recognize that the way you see things is not the only option and is not the same way everyone else does.

Promotes relaxation and lowers stress

Reading for school is stress-inducing for a lot of people. They either don’t like the topic, have to memorize it for a quiz or test, and understand the content to do homework. It is also annoying to be forced to read. Being able to decide what to read and when to read it, is so much more of a pleasing process.

Allows you to escape into other worlds

Some days are bad days and you need a way to cope. Coping mechanisms are activities and behaviors people use to deal with things that happen to them. Some peoples’ coping mechanisms are healthier than others. Reading is a great coping mechanism. When you read a book it’s so easy to get pulled in and believe you are in the story with the characters living their lives instead of yours.