Social Media and Being Ourselves

April 1, 2019 0 By admin

Ok so I realized something recently. Jenna Marbles, one of my favorite YouTubers, put out a new video a few weeks ago where she did a tour of all of her house plants. I sat and watched the entire 30-minute video. 30 MINUTES. After finishing the video, I asked myself “did I really just watch a 30-minute video where a girl talks about her plants?” and the answer was obviously yes, but Why? Because I like her. She is herself in every video she does. I also enjoy getting glimpses of her life because she is who she is. Her dogs are always doing something entertaining and she never edits it out or ignores them, she embraces it. Her boyfriend, Julien, always gives commentary or jokes from behind the camera that are comedy gold. It made me think about all of the other YouTubers and people I follow on social media. They are all themselves and don’t care if you don’t like them. Jeffree StarShane DawsonJames Charles,Gibi, and Adriene Mishler all post their videos and pictures on social media showing their true selves with no shame. And that’s why people like them.  

Just be you!

We become friends with people who we believe we can get along with and who are like us. The most successful bloggers and dare I say influencers, are not the ones with only professional pictures, 100% of the time professionally written captions and posts, or highest number of followers. They’re the ones who portray who they truly are and don’t pretend that their house is not a mess or that they love everything about themselves 24/7. True engagement comes from trust. Trust is built by being honest about who you are and where you are in life. People will follow you and care about what you say if you just act like yourself. Everyone knows peoples’ lives aren’t perfect, so why is the consensus that to be popular we have to pretend that it is?  

Screw That!

I’ve been the person who only took pictures if I had make-up on and only when my room was spotless. I only posted things to my story when I was out doing something exciting. If you follow me on social media you might have noticed that I don’t post a lot. It’s because of these crazy restrictions I’ve put on myself that I don’t post on Instagram for a week. The last tweet I made was about three weeks ago. My blog views are suffering because I’ve decided to not be honest about who I am. Im afraid my life isn’t good enough or exciting enough for people to care. But what I’m portraying because of that is fake.  

So screw that. I’ve decided that I’m just going to be me. If my room is a mess and I need to take a picture for a post, I’m doing it. All I post on my Insta story in a day might be videos of my roommate’s cat or me binge-watching Netflix. If I make a video on a Friday and sleep in the clothes and make a new one on Saturday than it is what it is. I think my room is ugly but I’m renting and there’s only so much you can do. If people decide to unfollow me because I’m honest about myself and my life than fine. For every person that doesn’t like me, there is another who does and connects with me because we have something in common.  

The takeaway here is..

If you take away anything from this obnoxiously long post, let it be to fuck the perfection and just be yourself. The people who like you will be people who will buy what your selling or try a product you talk about in your posts because they trust you. Not because you have a perfect life.