People You Should Follow

April 15, 2019 0 By admin

We all have those accounts on social media that we love to follow and tell others about. I decided to give you a list of my top six accounts that you should follow on Instagram. Some of my recommendations are of well-known actors and actresses, however, I do have some of my fellow bloggers on here! I’m going to also take this moment and shamelessly plug my own account (cuz why not). Especially now that I’m posting more often after a brilliant but obvious realization that you can read about here!

Shay Mitchell

Best known for playing Emily Fields in Pretty Little Liars, Shay is my top person to follow. Her Insta stories are guaranteed to put a smile on your face whether it’s her antics with her crew or music choice while getting ready. Her travels are jealousy inducing (in the best way) and her assistant’s commentary on Youtube video previews are looked forward to by all her fans. She’s a foodie like a lot of us and isn’t afraid to make it known. Check out her story on any given day if you don’t believe me.   

Kathryn Newton

One of the most talented up and coming actresses is next on the list. Her most notable appearances are Paranormal Activity 4, the upcoming Detective Pikachu, Big Little Lies, and my personal favorite, a reoccurring role on Supernatural. Besides being my celebrity crush, her account is follow-worthy for people who love poodles and golf. Kathryn’s feed is full of pictures of her poodles (she owns three) and videos of her golf swing. Her fashion sense is a great mixture of feminine and tomboy for inspiration for those who like to dress up and dress down. 

Mary Ochsner

Since starting my yoga journey recently I’ve obviously perused the yogis on Insta. Mary is one of my absolute favorites. Her feed consists of easy how-to and tip videos for poses. One of my favorite parts of her feed is she titles her videos so you can scroll through her feed and can find a video for a specific pose without clicking every video posted. She also now has her own app which just launched with full sessions. 

Classy and Kate

One of my fellow college bloggers, Kate, has one of my favorite “non-famous” people feeds, although I’m not sure how non-famous she is with 16 thousand followers. I’m a sucker for bright feeds and everything about Kate’s is bright and colorful. From her filters to her amazing outfits, there isn’t a dark color in sight. I absolutely love her fashion sense and can’t get enough of it.  

Courtney Hansen

Another blogger my age is Courtney, who’s all about fashion and lifestyle. I’m not one for darker feeds, A lot of them just don’t speak to me. There’s something about Courtney’s personality however that shines through her filter. Her fashion sense is similar to mine, so I’m always finding new ways to wear what I already own from her posts and who doesn’t love that?! 

Karamo Brown

If you don’t know who this man is by now, you’ve been living under a Netflix rock. He was on the Real World: Philadelphia in 2004 and was the first out African American man on reality tv and is now one of Fab Five on Netflix’s Queer Eye. I follow all of the boys on Instagram but Karamo’s feed is my favorite because it’s full of inspiration, self-love, and encouraging videos. The best part is that he captions all of his videos so you don’t have to listen to them to get a good dose of Karamo love.