Take Your Child to Work Day

April 22, 2019 0 By admin

Take your child to work day is upon us and like it or not, I have thoughts! I used to go to work with my dad during summers and help him put carpet in houses and I loved it. It was a great way to bond with my brother and him. It also meant we got take out for lunch and gas station snacks for the day. There were also things I didn’t like about it. Sometimes I got bored and would have to find a way to entertain myself for hours. The houses would be hot because there was no electric as they hadn’t been moved into yet. So if you’re thinking about taking your child to work with you on the 25th, maybe think about the positives and negatives of the situation and who your child is before you make a decision.


  • Little girls see the multitude of options they have 
    • There are more career choices out there for women besides nurses, teachers, and secretaries. They need to see that.
  • Children see what you do and how you provide for them and your family
    • If you are a person who works long hours and doesn’t get a lot of time with your child then showing them what you do and where you work will help them understand.
  • Get to spend special time with your child
    • A whole day to spend with your child or children will do you and them some good 
  • Career education
    • Part of our development as children all the way up to graduating high school is career exploration. Your children know what you do for a living and until they are exposed to jobs outside of their everyday environment, that is all they think is out there. Taking them to work with you will not only show them in depth for what you do, but also expose them to other jobs.


  • Out of the child’s routine
    • Children need routine and they are comfortable with it. When you take a child out of their routine, they will find it hard to understand what’s going on and what they should be doing regardless of their age. So be aware they may act out.
  • Child may misbehave
    • Children have short attention spans. If going to work with you requires them to sit still or quietly for long periods of time, them coming with you might not be best. They will look for things to do and want to talk.
  • Exposure to individuals who may not understand your child
    • Taking your child to work will expose your child to people who may not understand them and their little quirks like wanting to dress themselves or wearing colors that they may not thing is appropriate for their gender. Children are like sponges and they will take what these people say and take it to heart.