Month: May 2019

Swimsuits for the Body Positive

And the broke *This is not a sponsored post (although I wish it was, my Walmart is your Target)* The time of year is upon us that makes us girls (and guys) really hate our bodies. Buying a cute AND affordable swimsuit can be so hard sometimes. Especially if you’re not in the mood to…

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Summer Reading List

I recently discovered that libraries now allow you to download audio and E-books by using the number on your library card (Katelyn, where have you been that’s so old? I know ok!). So obviously I went down to my local library and picked myself up a card. Now don’t have class at night anymore I have…

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Women Who Don’t Want Kids

Get ready for another contriversial post people! I was telling a coworker about how I ended up doing my internship where I did. He asked me why I didn’t go to my other choice and I informed him that they mainly did child therapy and I don’t like kids. His response was “that’ll change” and…

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An Open Letter: Dear Graduates

For those of you who are graduates, may I offer you some advice? You may be dreading the loss of sleeping until noon and ending class at five. I promise you getting up at seven to work a nine to five is so much better. Your day is done earlier and you don’t have homework…

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