An Open Letter: Dear Graduates

May 6, 2019 0 By admin
an open letter to graduates

For those of you who are graduates, may I offer you some advice?

You may be dreading the loss of sleeping until noon and ending class at five. I promise you getting up at seven to work a nine to five is so much better. Your day is done earlier and you don’t have homework to do EVER so your weekends are wide open for party city. You will still receive free food at your places of work. Offices have the habit of celebrating everything with cake and luncheons so as long as you contribute in any way (hello napkins from the dollar store) you will not at all be judged for taking two plates.

People will tell you that you have time to pay off your school loans and that everyone is in debt for like ten years once they graduate but that doesn’t have to be you. Make a budget and stick to it. Only spend money on what you REALLY need, not what you think you need. But also, don’t hide away and refuse to do things that involve spending money. There is a balance to saving and spending and you have to find it.

You dont need to become a sudden adult

Don’t let people tell you that you have to get married or have kids now that you’ve graduated. Take this time to find out who you are as a full-blown adult. It’s ok if you still want to eat ramen and microwave food. You don’t have to become a five-star chef all of a sudden. It’s also ok if you still don’t know what you want to do with your life. Get a job that you think or know you will enjoy even if it’s not what you got your degree in. If you do take a job that your degree is in and you find that you actually don’t like it, that’s ok too. Get a job in areas that interest you and see what happens from there. Take your six-month grace period to get a job that will pay the bills and explore your interests.

You will learn more life skills in the next year than your last 17 years of schooling could ever teach you. Things will go wrong. You will get fired from a job. Crappy apartments may be your home for a while and you will learn how to deal. The DIY skills you will develop will become legendary. But life will be more awesome too. You will be invited to adult dinner parties and business dinners. If you’re a homebody you won’t have to worry about an excuse to not go out, “I’m tired, I worked all day” is a totally acceptable reason.