Summer Reading List

May 20, 2019 0 By admin
Summer reading list

I recently discovered that libraries now allow you to download audio and E-books by using the number on your library card (Katelyn, where have you been that’s so old? I know ok!). So obviously I went down to my local library and picked myself up a card. Now don’t have class at night anymore I have time for things like reading! There have been so many books I’ve been wanting to read but haven’t had the time, so I’ve decided to make myself a reading list for the summer, not only to share with you what I will be reading but to also keep myself accountable to this mini goal I’ve made. If you read my New Year’s Resolution post (which you can find here!) you know I’m not a big goals person. I’m trying though! Here are the books I’ll be reading (or listening to) this summer!

Girl Wash Your Face & Girl Stop Apologizing– Rachel Hollis

 I put these two together because they are from the same author. Rachel Hollis is the queen of self-help and development. My roommate was listening to Girl Wash Your Face earlier in the semester and I heard parts of it. It made me so excited to read it for myself. Girl Stop Apologizing is her newest book so I’m throwing that one in here too!

An Anonymous Girl– Greer Hendricks & Sarah Pekkanen

On the New York Time’s Bestseller list in January, this book about a girl’s participation in a psychology study that becomes so manipulative that she can’t disconcert what is real and made up is right up my ally. I love books that make me feel things. I think we all do. Angry, sad, excited, scared, they all make us want to keep reading. Besides the fact that this book is a thriller and sure to induce some feelings of fear and dread, a book with an obvious lack of experimental ethics is guaranteed to get me going.

The First Conspiracy: The Secret plot to kill George Washington– Brad Meltzer & Josh Mensch 

I had a history professor in high school who loved to teach us the parts of history that they don’t put in the books. Like exactly how Daniel Boone killed Lincoln and got away with it for a few days and the doctor that housed him and repaired his broken leg. He created my love of history. If psychology wasn’t such a big part of my life, I know I would have been a history major. These are the stories in history that students need to be told. The exciting ones that literally would have altered life as we know it.

Maybe You Should Talk to Someone– Lori Gottlieb

This book is exactly why therapists should have their own therapist. You can’t help someone else if you are not aware of your own biases and issues. Many countries such as England, require counselors in training to see a therapist during their schooling for this exact reason. This book is about a therapist who sees one of her own and what she learned from the experience. I can tell you that this for sure will be one of the first books I read.

Stay Sexy & Don’t Get Murdered: The Definitive How-to Guide– Karen Kilgareiff & Georgia Hardstark 

These girls give me life! One of my favorite podcasts is theirs, My Favorite Murder, even though it gives me weird dreams. I love their banter and brief discussions about their lives and stories from when they were kids. The fact that they wrote a book (which comes out May 28th) with more of these stories is so exciting to me and I can’t wait to read it. If you want to get excited with me, you can listen to their podcast here!

  The Red Queen Series– Victoria Aveyard

I’ve been seeing art from this book series all over my Pinterest from the book bloggers I follow and it got me curious. Without ruining the series for myself (round of applause, that was hard for me, I spoiled Endgame for me) I found out what the series is about and I fell in love just from the first book’s description. I am super excited to start reading the series, especially knowing that I will be able to read the whole series.