Swimsuits for the Body Positive

May 27, 2019 0 By admin

And the broke

*This is not a sponsored post (although I wish it was, my Walmart is your Target)*

The time of year is upon us that makes us girls (and guys) really hate our bodies. Buying a cute AND affordable swimsuit can be so hard sometimes. Especially if you’re not in the mood to be rockin’ those bikinis. Lucky for you, I’ve put together a full list of cute one-piece designs that you can get at Walmart!

one piece with cut outs (front, middle, back) 

I think the cutest one-pieces out there are the ones with cut outs! They are the perfect mix for covering up the spots you might not like and accentuating the ones you do! This specific swimsuit has open areas on the sides and a full open back while covering the majority of the midsection. I really like that the top of this one on the back is similar to a sports bra design because it helps with support for bigger breasted women.

One Piece With Quotes 

If you’re getting a traditional one piece, some kind of graphic design or phrase is the best way to go to make it cute! This one from Walmart is super cute, I love a good pun! 

Plunging neckline

Like the cutout, the plunging neckline is another way to spice up the one piece and show off the goods you want to! I love the fact that it still covers a lot of the midriff is awesome. You can always sew up the middle if it’s too low for you the way it’s designed.


I love the sheath design because it gives the full coverage while still looking super cute. It also gives a retro look with full coverage. I also love that there is a brief skirt-esk overflow in the front. We all love a good Marilyn Monroe look.


High waisted bottoms have been making a comeback in recent years. I personally love the style! It gives you coverage while still having that two-piece look. I specifically like the top of this suit because it gives you a little more coverage since it’s longer. I think the pattern and color combination comes together to make it super cute!

I hope you found one of these suits from Walmart a possibility for your summer wardrobe! Everyone should be confident by the water but it can be hard to find a cute swimsuit that’s also in your budget. I believe Walmart has some great options, especially since they have different options in store and online. Will you be rockin’ a one piece this summer?!