TV shows like Game of Thrones

June 17, 2019 0 By admin

Now that Game of Thrones has been over for about a month (how about that ending?!) I hope you all have had time to emotionally and mentally recover from the last season. If you are still obsessed but aren’t ready to pick it back up, do I have a list for you! I love period shows, and I’ve recently discovered a bunch of good ones on Netflix. I thought it would be a great time to introduce them to you to get invested in.   

The Last Kingdom

I’ve always had a soft spot for Vikings (I’m a descendant but also thank you Eric Northman) and this show fulfills my every Norse need. A Saxon lord is taken from his kingdom as a young boy and raised by Vikings. His adopted father is killed by banished Danes he is framed for the murder. On the run from his uncle and the Vikings, he must band together with the up and coming Christian king to create one empire. This one is my favorite on this list, if you couldn’t tell by the longer description.


A true historical story, The Medici Dynasty was the first family to reign without a crown. They rose to power in Florence by making BANK and started the practice of rich families being powerful, not just those of royal birth. 


King Louis XIV and his reign. Need I say more? King at four years old, his reign lasted 72 years and brought the French monarchy to its most powerful. Set during the construction of his lavish palace, the show goes over the reason for moving the royal court and attempt to squash the French nobility uprising. 

The Tudors

King Henry VIII and his reign. So many wives, so much treason. Spanning the English reformation, King Henry VIII’s reign was full of wives, treason, betrayal, and murder. 


I’m gonna be honest, I took this summary straight from Netflix but I didn’t know how else to explain it. 16th century North American fur trappers and independent traders try to gain control of the fur trade from The Hudson Bay. I know it sounds a little boring, but Jason Moma is in it and that’s reason enough to give the show a shot.  

Special Mention: Merlin

I decided to put this one on the list because it has a lot of magical creatures for all of you dragon lovers. It’s not as intense as the others on the list but it does have elements of betrayal, war, and love. This show is definitely more light hearted, so I like to watch it when the others get too intense. Loosely based off of the legend of King Arthur, this show chronicles their growth from young men to adults through family drama, close calls, and adventures.