Cute For Fitness

Cute For Fitness

July 1, 2019 0 By admin

Let’s get cute for fitness! I think we all love a good outfit. For me, I feel super confident and ready to crush it when I feel awesome in what I’m wearing. I’ve recently been on the lookout for some new workout clothes and what better place than Amazon?! Here are some of the cute fitness clothes they have right now!

Mippo Women’s Mesh Open Back Tank Top


I love this top because majority of the back is connected so if the knot comes undone, you wont be totally exposed in the back like some of the knot tops out there. Who wants to be choked by their shirt in Downward Dog?!

icyzone Running Shorts


These shorts are perfect for almost any form of exercise. The top layer is that loose shorts fabric while the second layer is spandex so there wont be any uncomfortable exposing like you would with just the loose shorts. They come from Amazon as a two pack in seven options!

Fengbay High Waist Yoga Pants with pockets


Combining my two favorite things for pants, a high waist and pockets, these yoga pants are a perfect choice. They come in 27 different colors, yes I said 27, and length choices.

icyzone Athletic Running Bra


I’m a sucker for cute backs on sports bras! I also want to be able to put them on easily and this one is perfect! It has a generic scoop neck front and this milti-colored thick strapy back for support and some fun!

ShiTongGym High Impact Sports bra


This Gym Shark knock off is a super cute look at a discount price! I love Gym Shark but I think we all know that good quality clothes cost a fortune. This sports bra has the same quality support and fabric at an affordable price.

Mippo Sleeveless top


If you want to be a little bit more on the edgy side but still have coverage like with the first shirt, this is a good option! I love the bunched crossover in the front!

If you’re looking for an at home workout to do in your new clothes, try this one on for size! I posted it back in December and it’s great for all experience levels!