One Year Anniversary

One Year Anniversary

July 10, 2019 0 By boucherkatelyn
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Today marks one year since the start of Off-Color Rays! In that year, my blog has gained 106 followers, has 62 posts, and has helped many people in different ways. For the past year, the blog has been focused on all things lifestyle with a common focus on mental health. If you’ve been reading the blog from the beginning (THANK YOU THAT’S AWESOME), then you have seen the posts change focus.  

Everyone changes and a lot can change in a year! I’ve gone through a lot of personal changes in the past year that have affected Ray’s a little. The biggest one being, I have decided to full integrate my future career goal interests into the blog. If you’ve read my “About Me” page, or read the first post in my Mental Health Awareness Week Series, then you know sports and exercise are huge parts of my life.  

Let’s get physical, physical…

When I did my first exercise program, almost two years ago it was purely for two reasons. To support my roommate in her own weight loss and wellness journey and to put myself through a program similar to that of training athletes. Having never been an athlete, I didn’t know what kind of tole it took on the body and mind. The three months that the program lasted changed my life. I learned how to eat healthier, how to lift weights properly, how important stretching is for your muscles, and the physical and mental changes the body goes through.  

I lost 12 pounds and 14 inches doing the program and gained muscles in places I didn’t know they existed. Since I stopped eating processed foods my body feels cleaner. I’m not tired all the time. There are days where I wake up at 6:30 and jump out of bed dancing my way around the room. My skin and hair are healthier. But more than the physical changes, mental and emotional ones happened too. I experience way less “anxious for no reason” days than I ever have since they started years ago. I no longer get depressed being alone. I’ve become more confident in myself and my abilities. My independence level is constantly rising and I have an overall happier and more positive (albeit realistic) outlook on life.

Boss Babe

This person I’m growing into, the best version of myself? Has led to a level of interest in fitness and health that I never thought I would have. I obtained my Personal Trainer Certification in October of last year and in January I hope to have my Nutrition Certification. I want to share my knowledge with others and help them grow into the best versions of themselves too.

I am so excited to announce that I am starting my own wellness business, Katelyn Marrie Fitness! It will focus on three areas of health; Physical fitness, nutrition, and mental. Many health coaches focus on fitness and nutrition but have no training or don’t focus on the mental area. As a mental health counselor in training, this I can assure you, I have knowledge on. I will be releasing my own intro to nutrition cook book, a 6 week fitness guide program, and a mental health journal to track it all in very soon! I will also be offering coaching calls with me to answer any questions you might have and support you on your journey! 


So what changes am I making to Off-Color Rays? Well, besides some cosmetic changes, I’m changing my niche a little! Posts in the future will be focused on ALL five aspects of wellness; physical, emotional, social, spiritual, and mental, not just mental and physical. I will also have a page on the blog dedicated to my health coaching business where you can get wellness freebies, buy my guides, and more!  

Thank you for going on this journey with me for the past year and I hope to have many more with all of you and gain more friends as I continue to grow as a person, entrepreneur, and blog!