Best Health Tracking Apps

Best Health Tracking Apps

July 19, 2019 0 By boucherkatelyn

Whether you’re new to exercise or a seasoned professional, you want to track your progress with food and workouts! I decided to make a list of some of my favorite health tracking apps and some of the most popular. I want to preface this by saying that as a mental health professional in training and my own personal opinion, I don’t think anyone should be tracking calories or macros. It has the potential to create disordered eating which can lead to eating disorders. I do realize that people like tracking them for their own personal reasons, so I have put food tracking apps in here as well! 

My Fitness Pal 

Tracks calories and macros with colored charts. Allows you to save common meals and items that you eat on a weekly or daily basis. It also has a recently inputted section! Allows you to choose between loosing, maintaining, and gaining. Downsides are that that the font is small and the ads on the free version show up on the middle of the screen.  


Takes into account the mental aspects of nutrition and creating healthy habits. For a subscription fee you can take a “course” that is personalized to your eating habits and lifestyle. The courses help you learn why you eat the way you do and how to improve your health. This app is good for people who are seriously looking for a change or have tried diets and not succeeded. This app is not built for individuals looking to maintain their current weight and just track their meals. A huge downside to this app is that the most important part of this app that allows you to succeed is only available for subscribers.  


Strava is a great app for people who like or want to get into running. It’s a Facebook for runners! It tracks your running path, average mile, time, distance, elevation, splits, and achievements such as fastest distances and personal records. You can share all of these stats with your friends on the app as well as see how they’re doing! It connects to the Apple Watch and shows you your stats in real time during your run. The only downside to this app for me is that it shares your running path with the people you’re connected to, so don’t connect with any strangers! 


Calm is one of the most popular meditation apps out there. They have guided meditations for any feeling or issue you might be having. They also have sections for ambient sounds and children. The only downside for me is the huge amount of subscription content.


Record is an app from Under Amour that tracks your workouts, nutrition (through My Fitness Pal), activity, and sleep! You can connect with other people using the app similar Facebook and follow “pages” such as celebrities who use the app and topics. I really like this app because it’s one of the few that has weightlifting options for workouts. They even have it broken down into total body, legs, and upper body. It connects to the Apple Watch allowing people to track their workouts accurately. This is a huge step up from the built-in fitness tracker with the Apple Watch that doesn’t have weightlifting as an option. 

Sanity & Self

This app is like a self-development podcast mixed with guided meditation and I am HERE FOR IT! They have topics ranging from dating, self-love, working through trauma, building confidence and more! The topics are anywhere from one to 10 days to give you information and take you through the topic. The only downside, and it’s a big one, is nothing is free. You have to pay a monthly or yearly subscription which unlocks everything.


Brain games are great ways to keep the most important part of your body sharp! They let you play games for free by watching adds and the selection is vast! I’ve played a few and so far I love all of them! 


This is a guided journal that focuses on different topics every few days and gives you questions to answer about the topic. I love it because I’ve always wanted to journal but I find it hard to sit down and actually write in a journal but I’m always on my phone! 


This one’s for the girls! This app is like Quora but for your period and sex life! It tracks your period while also giving you a forum to ask and answer questions about that time of the month, relationships, and sex! The only downside is that there is paid content but the basics (the most important) are free!

If you’d like to know about some more mental health tracking apps, check out this post I wrote for Mental Health Awareness Week!