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Gifts for the Mental Health Counselor

Happy Monday all! Today’s post came about during my search for a present for my friend who is graduating with her counseling degree this year. Many people I know are counselors, future counselors, or seeing counselors. I personally love all of these items on this list and think some of them are funny and would…

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World Philosophers Day

Today is World Philosophers Day! The start of science, psychology, and sociology as we know it all started with these individuals. So, In order to honor them and their special day, I decided to give you all some knowledge on the start of psychology and what these guys contributed. Hippocrates Started the idea that the…

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Today is Veterans Day. A day to honor and remember veterans and victims of wars. Every day twenty veteran and active duty military individuals commit suicide caused most commonly by PTSD. Mobilization, or fight or flight, induces your nervous system to respond to the situation by pounding heartbeat, high blood pressure, and muscle tightness, making…

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Mental Health Awareness Week: Printout

A few weeks ago I made a post that featured mental health check sheets and self-care lists from other bloggers. To round out Mental Health Awareness Week, I have decided to make and share my own printout with you!  After looking at them and other printouts, I came up with what I think is the…

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Mental Health Awareness Week: Campaigns and Projects

There are many people and organizations bringing awareness to mental health these days. Campaigns and companies are run by celebrities and normal people just like you and me. For today’s post, I am going to share with you some of my favorites! Always Keep Fighting Campaign Jared Padalecki, an actor on the long-running TV show Supernatural,…

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Mental Health Awareness Week: Types of Counseling

There are many types, areas, and forms of counseling. Because of the stigma surrounding mental health, many individuals don’t know how many types there truly are. The following are some of the most common. School Counseling School counselors, or guidence counselors, help students with a multitude of things. They work with them on career goals,…

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