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One Year Anniversary

Today marks one year since the start of Off-Color Rays! In that year, my blog has gained 106 followers, has 62 posts, and has helped many people in different ways. For the past year, the blog has been focused on all things lifestyle with a common focus on mental health. If you’ve been reading the…

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Cute For Fitness

Let’s get cute for fitness! I think we all love a good outfit. For me, I feel super confident and ready to crush it when I feel awesome in what I’m wearing. I’ve recently been on the lookout for some new workout clothes and what better place than Amazon?!

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TV shows like Game of Thrones

Now that Game of Thrones has been over for about a month (how about that ending?!) I hope you all have had time to emotionally and mentally recover from the last season. If you are still obsessed but aren’t ready to pick it back up, do I have a list for you! I love period…

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Father’s Day Gifts

Father’s Day is coming up and sometimes finding things to get dad is HARD. They’re all different and if you have two, it’s even harder to make sure your gift has thought behind it. To help you (and me) brainstorm ideas, I made this awesome list of the most popular gift ideas among dad! Tickets…

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Improve Your Mental Health

When people tell you to improve your mental health, sometimes their suggestions can be unhelpful and sometimes downright cruel; anybody ever get the “it’s not that bad, just get over it” response? We all know we need to work on our mental health. Knowing where to start or finding other options besides going to counseling…

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Summer Reading List

I recently discovered that libraries now allow you to download audio and E-books by using the number on your library card (Katelyn, where have you been that’s so old? I know ok!). So obviously I went down to my local library and picked myself up a card. Now don’t have class at night anymore I have…

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Women Who Don’t Want Kids

Get ready for another contriversial post people! I was telling a coworker about how I ended up doing my internship where I did. He asked me why I didn’t go to my other choice and I informed him that they mainly did child therapy and I don’t like kids. His response was “that’ll change” and…

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An Open Letter: Dear Graduates

For those of you who are graduates, may I offer you some advice? You may be dreading the loss of sleeping until noon and ending class at five. I promise you getting up at seven to work a nine to five is so much better. Your day is done earlier and you don’t have homework…

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My First Jobs

It’s that time of year when all of the kids in high school start looking for jobs for the summer. I was fortunate enough to not start working until my senior year but my jobs were just as awful as everyone else’s. There has to be an unspoken rule that everyone has to have one…

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Social Media and Being Ourselves

Ok so I realized something recently. Jenna Marbles, one of my favorite YouTubers, put out a new video a few weeks ago where she did a tour of all of her house plants. I sat and watched the entire 30-minute video. 30 MINUTES. After finishing the video, I asked myself “did I really just watch a…

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