Katelyn Marrie Fitness

Hello! Welcome to Katelyn Marrie Fitness! On this page you will find all of our programs and products for you to peruse! Here is a breakdown of what we have so far!

Nutrition Guide

This guide has all of the basic nutritional knowledge you need to start making healthy food choices and living a better overall lifestyle. Things like how to read food labels, serving sizes, how to combat cravings, and over 20 recipes!

Fitness Guide

This six week program will help you loose weight and build muscle at the same time. Four days a week with a fifth optional day is great for people of all fitness and experience levels. Every two weeks the exercises change, meaning your body never gets used to what you’re doing and stalls progress!

Combo Pack

You get both the nutrition and fitness guides for $79 (a $20 savings)!


This freebie is packed with journaling prompts to help you on a path to self discovery! We can only improve ourselves when we know who we are and what we want to change!