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Summer Reading List

I recently discovered that libraries now allow you to download audio and E-books by using the number on your library card (Katelyn, where have you been that’s so old? I know ok!). So obviously I went down to my local library and picked myself up a card. Now don’t have class at night anymore I have…

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Multicultural Counseling

Just like doctors, counselors also take an oath of “do no harm”. We also obviously have more aspects than that in our oath, which we call fundamental principles. Part of what falls under these principles is the idea of multicultural competence. In today’s post, I am going to talk about the importance of it and…

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What I’m Thankful For

Yes, Thanksgiving was last week but my brother’s birthday is tomorrow and it made me think. There are a lot of things I have in life that I am thankful for. My family He has given me my path and a super cute niece and nephew who are the highlight of my life. I am theirs too if their faces…

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Mental Health Awareness Week: Sports Counseling

Many athletes struggle with mental illness. Because they are not a general demographic they need a special kind of counseling, sports counseling. With one in five individuals having a mental illness, it’s easy to think of how many there are. Slowly but surely, athletes are coming forward and using their platforms to discuss the topic…

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