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Improve Your Mental Health

When people tell you to improve your mental health, sometimes their suggestions can be unhelpful and sometimes downright cruel; anybody ever get the “it’s not that bad, just get over it” response? We all know we need to work on our mental health. Knowing where to start or finding other options besides going to counseling…

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Exercise & Self-Esteem

Month of Love Series For this week’s post for the Month of Love series, I am sharing an updated version of a guest post I did for Divine Independence’s Empowerment Rebellion series which you can find here! This post is an in-depth look at what exercise does to your brain and how it’s connected to your self-esteem. I will also…

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New Year’s Goals

I’m not a big goal maker. Honestly, I’ve never made a goal before in my life. At least not consciously. Which I guess is a little hypocritical because I make my students and clients do it every day. Goals give you something to work towards. Motivation to get things done. I’m a pessimist. I believe that if I don’t make a…

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